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“Incredibly Passionate…”

“When we chose Chelsea to serve as wedding planner for our special day, she immediately sought to create our ideal marriage experience. Chelsea was incredibly passionate about understanding EXACTLY what we needed to make our day beautiful.” 

- Peter Brault (Groom)

“Best Decision…”

“Hiring Pearl Weddings was hands down the best decision we made for our wedding! Being engaged is supposed to be a special time filled with love, the building of new memories, and savoring all the emotions that come with true love. It is not supposed to be filled with stress and work as you struggle to plan a wedding. This is where Chelsea was a life savor!”

- Laura Hurlbirt (Bride)

“Knowledgeable, Creative, and Passionate…”

“Chelsea jumped right in and just made things happen and I finally felt relief and enjoyment. From our first phone call to our last email she was extremely accommodating. She’s knowledgeable, creative, and passionate about her profession.”

-Krystyna Kluntz (Bride)