Constance Schiano Photography

Constance Schiano Photography


Chelsea Suddes

Founder | Planner & Designer

Chelsea opened Pearl Weddings & Events with the intention to connect with couples and help them express their Love through their Wedding day. 

Chelsea truly believes every Wedding vision is completely unique. she will bring your Wedding vision to life with her innate ability to listen carefully and fully understand your perspective. She is a grounded individual that stays on task in a very detail-oriented manner.  On your Wedding day and every day leading up to, she will not miss a beat. Throughout the entire planning process you will feel her joy for you, and your special day. 

Chelsea feels her purpose in Life is to bring Sunshine, Positivity, Joy and Happiness wherever she goes. She gets inspired by others' Dreams and Love for Life. She is madly in Love with her husband. She craves adventure in the great outdoors and she will jump on any chance she gets to travel. 

Professional Experience: Chelsea has been in the wedding industry for almost 10 years. She began her career with a college internship for Ambiance Luxe Wedding Design. She was given the opportunity to intern for New York Fashion Week and she excelled in the fast-paced fashion environment.

Chelsea has been an active part of the hospitality industry for over 15 years and she spent time in project management roles within Aetna!

She earned her degree at the University of Connecticut and was working towards her M.B.A. in Business when she switched gears to open Pearl Weddings & Events.

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